Thermal Chemistry offers specialist, independent chemistry and chemical engineering consultancy services to the thermal power, geothermal power and co-generation industries globally.

As experts in their field, Thermal Chemistry provides current, technically robust, and independent chemistry related services.

Thermal Chemistry provide key skills in the areas of:

  • Cycle chemistry reviews, audits and benchmarking against international best practice
  • Process improvement studies
  • Troubleshooting and investigations of cycle chemistry related failures and plant problems
  • Project cycle chemistry specification and development
  • Project design review of water treatment, cycle chemistry and cooling water chemistry aspects
  • Development and delivery of customised cycle chemistry, water treatment and cooling water chemistry training programs
  • Commissioning cycle chemistry support
  • Physical plant inspections

Thermal Chemistry is a technical consultancy and does not sell any cycle chemistry or cooling water treatment chemicals or plant hardware.

Key Clients

Rio Tinto (Aus), Queensland Alumina Limited (Aus), HRST (USA), Energy Australia (Aus), Hydro Tasmania (Aus), Fonterra (NZ), Contact Energy (NZ), Genesis Energy (NZ), United Group Limited (NZ & Aus), AETV (Aus), Geodynamics (Aus), PB Power (NZ), Aurecon (NZ), Mckay Sugar Limited (Aus), Combined Cycle Journal (USA), Power and Water Corporation (Aus), NewGen (Aus), Aurecon (NZ), Electrical Power Research Institute (USA), Xcell Energy (USA), NSW Sugar (Aus), Swan (Switzerland), Samsung Engineering (Korea), AES (Philippines), Avestronics (Philippines), TeamEnergy (Philippines), AGL (Australia), Malakoff (Malaysia), Millmerran Operating Company (Aus), TWPS (Aus), Power Generating and Engineering Services Company (Egypt)  

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Reviews and Audits

With extensive experience in the thermal, geothermal power and co-generation industries, Thermal Chemistry has conducted numerous extensive site cycle chemistry reviews, audits and benchmarking studies at plants in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Africa and the USA.

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Technical Training

As part of their specialist industrial, power chemistry and water treatment consulting services, Thermal Chemistry provide the development and delivery of customized chemistry training programs

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Troubleshooting and Investigations

Thermal Chemistry offers their internationally recognised expertise for troubleshooting and investigations of cycle chemistry issues

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New Plant Specification and Design Reviews

Offering significant expertise, Thermal Chemistry provides specialist services for the development of robust technical specifications of water treatment plants and cycle chemistry programs for new conventional, combined cycle, co-generation, geothermal and open cycle power plants.